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Gearfest USA was fuckin' amazing!  but I'm a sucker for a weekend of garage rock anyway.  We did have the pleasure of talking with Mike from Gearhead on Friday night & thanked him for bringing the music to the masses.  We also rapped with The Lords of Altamont  and acquired handfuls of buttons and stickers.

It all started for us Friday night when we headed to Emo's for  Frigg A Go-Go on the outside stage.  The Ritchie Whites followed on the inside, but they didn't hold our interest for too long so we went back outside while The Lords of Altamont set-up and we talked to Max, the drummer for a bit.  I claimed my spot right in front of Jake's keyboard and was ready with my camera when he stood on top of it and then later set it on fire (see photos).   I wish I could see them play every weekend!  Back to the inside for The Applicators and their infectious enthusiasm.  The Rubber City Rebels followed on the outside stage and The Jewws were on the inside, but we were not captivated by either band so that's when we scored all the buttons and stickers from The Lords.  Now   the night starts getting revved-up; The Lazy Cowgirls hit the outside about 11:15pm and rocked our asses off.  Afterwards we headed  back inside for The Riverboat Gamblers who are now my favorite band, and the place was solid human.  They really put on an amazing freakin' show and their new CD just can't seem to find it's way out of my CD player and into it's case.  Just when you think you can't take anymo', DMZ takes the outside stage about 12:30 and we just let the music carry us through till about 1:30-2:00 in the morning.  And this is just Friday! 

We got a late start on Saturday and were sorely disappointed we missed Sugar Shack.  We caught most of The Baseball Furies from Chicago and they were alright.  Outside was Red Planet with a no-show by Sylvain Sylvain.   They're very poppy and we just hung out and talked to our friends while they played in the background.  We missed The Nads because we had to go to Ocean's 11 and get a cocktail as a tradition of being in Austin.  It was so crowded in there we had to sit by the velvet Elvis on the outside patio, but the drinks were really yummy.  I had a Sammy Davis, Jr. and Mr. Bombshelter had a Dean Martin.  Now back to Emo's for The Gaza Strippers who are much more rockin' live than on CD and then The Dragons fired it up and  blew it to pieces leaving us completely drained and passing out at 2:30 AM.

It seemed like we just woke up on Sunday when it was time to get ready to do it all over again one last time.  We got to Emo's in plenty of time to catch The Immortal Lee County Killers II outside.  I don't know how to explain them but for a two-piece band they are very energetic and get you groovin'.  They led a march to the inside where Total Sound Group D.A.C. with Tim Kerr were playing which was completely opposite of what we just saw.  There were about 8 people in the band and it was a cacophony of noise.  We went outside and hung out by the Bar-B-Que.  The Sons of Hercules took the stage a little late, but they were a real blast; I was definitely getting my groove on now.  We saw The Hard Feelings at SXSW 2001 and knew we would continue the groove when they started playing inside.  They got the crowd moving alright, which is good, except for the 300 pound guy who was insistent on starting a pit.  So I danced while pretty much successfully maintaining a distance from him.  Unfortunately, he wanted to see The Demons too and I was like "oh no" when I saw him waiting for them at the outside stage.  We saw The Demons at last year's Las Vegas Shakedown, but they definitely have come a long way since then.  They switched singers and when they broke out into the Radio Birdman medley we just lost it.  The 300 pound guy also lost it and for some reason singled me out to come up to, turn around and pull down his pants!  I was trying not to acknowledge his existence when finally a bouncer came up & put an end to it.  At this point I'm pretty much wasted so we watched a little of The New Bomb Turks, which compared to The Demons, didn't do much for me. 

And that's all folks!  My hearing is finally coming back, the bags under my eyes are gone and we can't wait for Gearfest USA 2004!