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What's New 1/23/05

Happy New Year!  Hope you had a stress-free holiday.  Before the holidays got into full swing, we went to see alt-country diva Neko Case with The Sadies at Solar Culture December 7th.  I wasn't feeling particularly in a hurry that night based on the fact that I've seen The Sadies several times before.  But, we got there just after The Sadies took the stage and I'm glad we got to see them again.  They are just so damn good, I've made up my mind never to miss a Sadies' show again.  Both Neko and The Sadies have new CD's out and both are worth picking up. 

December 10th was the first Tucson Roller Derby Wheelies Awards Ceremony at Club Congress.  Mr. Bombshelter and I were guest presenters for "Most Valuable Player" and we also DJ'd until the live music took over.  Punk Rock Prom was the theme and everybody looked smashing (pun intended) with their dates and their fabulous awards.  We are looking forward to the next season and are extremely proud of how the roller derby has taken off here in Tucson.  We'll be DJ'ing several bouts this year, the first one being February 19th.  Check out www.tucsonrollerderby.com for more info.

The next night we were down in Bisbee for Art-Mart.  Kathleen Pearson opened her studio to show works of art from locals for sale and even I had two pieces in it.  There were some performance artists and some local musical talent.  A modified rendition of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was sung by a large group of us led by Colleena and Kim that involved wonderbras, bling-bling blinging, and pagers beeping.  It was truly inspiring.  And, I even sold one of my pieces.

We had our annual Christmas Party on the 18th and it was quite a success.  The tree was finely decorated with our friend's crafty works and a good time was had by all.  To me this is what Christmas is all about, getting together with all your friends including the ones that only come out once a year and celebrating your friendship. 

Two days later, on Monday, December 20th, we were up early and ready to hit the road to L.A. to see Turbonegro at The House of Blues.  With Wendy aboard we got there in time to check into our swanky hotel, The Grafton right next door to The House of Blues, get ready and walk next door to have some dinner before the show.  After dinner we still had to exit the place and stand in a small line to get searched by security.  They wouldn't let me in with my camera so I didn't get any picutres of the show.  We saw The Eagles of Death Metal open, but I was not impressed with them.  Turbonegro were so amazing though.  Hank came out in fur pelts that subsequently were removed throughout the evening until he came out in a Santa Claus suit for the encore!  The best part of the show was when Euroboy walked out ON TO the crowd while playing his guitar.  All you could see were arms outstretched holding on to Euroboy's legs while he did a ripping guitar solo, then he was passed back to the stage without missing a beat.  I really missed my camera at that point.  They also did a few songs from their new record, my favorite being "Blow Me, Like the Wind".  The long trip was so worth it.  We picked up Rocko the next morning and headed back to Tucson stopping in Palm Springs to check out the life-sized dinosaurs there.

Our New Year's Eve was a planned mellow evening because we knew we were going to Bisbee New Year's Day to see Buzz and The Soulsenders' last show ever.  Everybody came out to St. Elmo's that night and we danced our asses off knowing that this would be the last time we'll ever be able to do this again.  It was joy mixed with sadness, but at least they had a CD for sale that I am sure they sold out of that night.  The party continued until well after the bar closed and we were in prime shape for bloody marys at The Copper Queen the next morning. 

Well, that's about all so far.  More excitement to come though:

You know we're off to Las Vegas for The Backyard Babies.  Yes, I know I am obscessed, and your point is?  So, hope to see you around Tuson or in Las Vegas, baby!



What's New 11/29/04

Happy Holidays!  Hope your having a rockin' holiday season.  We've been  go-going since the last time I've updated.  The Ponys/Dirtbombs show at Plush was the premium choice the night of October 16th.  Even though The Fall Crawl was happening simultaneously, your money was better spent staying at Plush the whole night.  I was feeling a little under the weather though and tried to stay in the corner to observe the show, but The Ponys got me out of my hole and I was dancing all the way through the night, granted it wasn't the wild dancing I usually do.  The bass player for The Dirtbombs, unbeknownst to me at the time, is a tiny package of explosive energy.  She looked like she came out of the womb playing bass she played it so well. 

I took a hiatus the following week and went to Patagonia by myself to write some songs and be introspective.  It's a nice getaway from Tucson and it's only an hour from here.  There is a 1957, 50 ft. Spartan Mansion trailer that you can rent called Dos Palmas.  I stayed here one night and it was so cool.  I went to The Wagon Wheel, made friends with the locals and kareoke'd "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'".  There was a Day of The Dead art opening at The Global Arts Gallery the next day, so I left the song I wrote about my fathers's death on the altar they had set up.  Then I went off into the valley behind the mountains stopping at the ghost town of  Harshaw to photograph the very old cemetary there.  Click here to see my photos: Patagonia

Halloween Don & I dressed up as 60's hipsters and made tracks for Nightmare on Congress Street, even though we only wanted to see Whiskey Bitch at Vaudeville.  Wasted Aces played before them and they are getting much better, you should check them out if you can.  Whiskey Bitch got the crowd totally riled up, amateurs and long-time fans alike.  Afterwards we made our way to The Surly Wench to say  "hi" to Eleanor and catch some of The Deludes whom I haven't seen for a long time.  They are better than ever, their brand of catchy pop ever improving and their 2nd CD is worth owning.  You might just be saying "I remember them when..." some day.


The absolute best show, besides The Paybacks, has got to be Mr. Airplane Man opening for Holly Golightly at Plush on November 1st.  It was enough to get to see Holly Golightly, but Mr. Airplane Man blew me away.  Margaret knows her guitar and I hate to be sexist, but she played that thing like a man.  I was mesmerized at the power that the 2 girls were able to convey with just drums and guitar.  Check out their new CD "C'mon DJ" if you can. 

Five days later, I'm back in Patagonia with Mr. Bombshelter this time to see Buzz and The Soulsenders at La Mision de San Miguel.  That place is so beautiful, I can't describe it.  It's not too foo foo, but it has gorgeous artwork and a marble dancefloor and the sound is amazing.  We danced all night as usual when Buzz plays.  I wish the mission was in Tucson instead of Patagonia!  Buzz and The Soulsenders are currently working on putting out their first CD.  Stay tuned.

So we drove back Sunday, the 7th just in time to head out to see The Texas Rollergirls battle Tucson's Saddletramps at the roller derby.  Our Saddletramps got beat, but we were there to cheer them on and show our support.  Mr. Bombshelter was interviewed by The Gameshow Network and The Knockout Pills provided knockout entertainment between periods.  Roller Derby is always fun even if our team didn't win.  The Wheelies, the Tucson Roller Derby awards ceremony, are coming up on December 10th at Club Congress and Mr. Bombshelter and I will be guest presenters.  Come out to see who won "Best Jammer", "Crowd Favorite", "Best Ass" and "Most Feared" plus many others.  The Knockout Pills, Shark Pants and Absolute Fucking Saints will be providing musical entertainment as well. 

November 15th, we drove all the way to Phoenix to see The Von Bondies and The Donnas at The Old Brickhouse only to find out when we got there that The Von Bondies cancelled!  Oh well, we saw The Donnas and they were fun as usual.  I like their new CD even though it's not the same formula they've been following.  They have to grow up sometime! 

On the 19th, John Cameron Mitchell and Jonathan Caouette were at The Loft to talk about their new movie "Tarnation".  It was an incredibly powerful movie and I was so happy to get to see John Cameron Mitchell in person, even though he was not talking about Hedwig.  He is just so intelligent, witty and entertaining.  On the 20th, it was The 2nd Annual Girls Night Out in Tombstone and this time we didn't get 86'd from any bars since we stayed away from The Silver Nugget.  I had so much fun, I've become a Bloody Mary convert because I was craving one the next morning really bad.  Some of us drove to Bisbee and I finally had me one of those works-of-art they call Bloody Marys at Hot Licks.  It was soooo good and I never used to like them, but I do now!  Mr. Bombshelter got to see John Cameron Mitchell at The Loft talk about Hedwig and went to the VIP Party afterwards where he witnessed the moving performance of John singing 2 songs from the soundtrack.  He said he broke down for "Origin of Love", I wish I could've been there for that.

Thanksgiving was crazy and quiet.  We went to Bisbee for Rocko's crazy get-together on Wednesday, drove back to Tucson that night, woke up Thursday, put the turkey in the crock pot and decided to go to Picacho Peak where we took a short hike.  By the time we got home, the turkey was almost done and we had a quiet dinner.  But, I had to be in work the next morning and the holiday was quickly behind me after the busy day at the record store. 

Coming up is The Wheelies at Club Congress, as mentioned above, Saturday, December 10th and on December 11th, there will be an art sale in Old Bisbee at Kathleen Pearson's art gallery.  Come buy unique local art as special gifts for Christmas.  We'll be at both and hope to see you there too.  And one last note, Turbonegro will be playing 2 shows in Los Angeles December 19th and December 20th at The House of Blues.  Yet another L.A. road trip.  Have a stellar holiday season and a rockin' new year!  Don't forget to watch "WIGGIN' OUT WITH THE BOMBSHELTERS" on Cox Cable Channel 73  or www.accesstucson.org for our end-of the year "Top 10 Records of 2004" countdown!  (We will post the list on the "Wiggin' Out" link at the top of the page after December 14th).


What's New 10/08/04

Ok, I give up on trying to update everything that's happened so here are some of the highlights:  We went to see Jesse Malin again on August 4th at The Old Brickhouse in Phoenix.  This time he was with his whole band & it was a rockin' good time.  He jumped into the audience & had members singing along.  Jesse's new Record, "The Heat" is out now & should be added to your collection, but I think "The Fine Art of Self-Destruction" is still his best so far. 

The following week we ran off to Los Angeles to see my favorite band in the whole world, The Backyard Babies.  As far as I knew, they hadn't played in America since 1999 ( I found out later they played in L.A. in 2000 ) and I'd been waiting for this opportunity for 5 years!  Since I knew well in advance they were coming, I worked on a song I had written for them, perfecting it.  Now I was really determined to meet them & give them my song.  It all worked out & I gave them my song & attested my love of them.  The reason they were playing only one show was to shop for a record label to release material from their last 2 albums in America.  I am eagerly anticipating their return.  There is an excellent interview with Dregen & Nicke at this website:  http://www.coolgrrrls.com/backyardbabies.html .


The following Tuesday, Wayne Hancock played at The Vaudeville Cabaret here in Tucson.  I had a really great time & made a new friend, Jessica.  I had a little too much fun and paid for it the next day! 

The Paybacks graced Tucson with their presence on August 26th at Plush.  The Reflection, from Phoenix, opened the show and they were rockin', I was pleasantly suprised.  The Okmoniks were their usual garagey selves, but The Paybacks were definitely the stars of the evening.  Their new CD, "Harder and Harder", is one of the best of 2004.  Check out some kick-ass Motor City Rock.

Our own Al Perry has released a new CD that has been a long time coming.  It's called "Always a Pleasure" and if you are a fan, it is a must have.  We went to the release party on September 3rd at Club Congress, but only made it through one set of his other project, The Fraidy Cats.  It was still a great time though. 

In the middle of September, I ran off to Maui, Hawaii with my Mother for 7 days.  I went snorkeling, hiking in a rain forrest, to a luau, had some incredible food like mahi mahi and opaka paka, and did lots of shopping.  My favorite thing was laying on the beach at night with my headphones on, drinking beer and staring at The Milky Way on the moonless nights.  Pink Floyd Live never sounded soooo good.  I'm insisting I go back with Don next year. 

The Roller Derby season is over for now ending with a match between Tucson's Furious Truck Stop Waitresses and The Iron Curtain on September 18th.  Mr. Bombshelter and I had the honor of DJ'ing this event and it was fun for the whole family as FTW came back from a shakey start to defeat The Iron Curtain.  Check out Tucson Roller Derby's website to get in on the action next season.  Roller Derby Rocks!

Julia Donkey and "Her Little Friend", which is Jenna, opened up a show for Al Perry in Bisbee at Hot Licks.  Jenna really shined at this show and it was a whirlwind night for me & Kathleen as we caught up after not seeing each other all summer.  Al had the Bisbonians dancing all night as well. 

Friday, October 1st, I got to see one of my idols give a talk at The Loft Cinema before showing his new movie, "A Dirty Shame".  I absolutely love John Waters and it was so exciting to see him for the first time in my life.  He was so funny & his movie kept the laughs going.  He was very charming and I decided I didn't want to try to meet him because I didn't want to bug him.   It was enough just to see and hear him. 

Last night I went to Phoenix to see Cave-In at The Old Brickhouse.  They were amazing, but they only did one song from their CD "Antenna" because the crowd was made up of all hardcore fans.  At least it was my favorite song, "Seafrost", but I would've preferred to hear more of "Antenna". 

So next week, on October 16th, is The Ponys and The Dirtbombs at Plush and this is a must-see show.  Screw The Fall Crawl, all you'll need to do to enjoy yourself is check out these 2 bands.  You WILL be satisfied.  The Dirtbombs are another band from Detroit that capture the 60's motown sound with tons of soul.  I don't know how to describe The Ponys except that I love them.  Maybe "post-punk" applies, but come on down & check it out for yourself.

Don't forget to check out our public access tv show, "Wiggin' Out with The Bombshelters", on Cox Cable Channel 73 every other Wednesday, 9:30 pm to 10:00 pm.  You can also watch on the web at www.accesstucson.org.  Ok for now, check back more often for updates now that I figured out our new computer!  Rock Out!

Check out our Gearfest Diary and Photos

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What's New 8/24/04

Ok, back in March we bought a new computer and now we have finally figured out how to update our webpage...only 5 months, not too shabby.  Of course we have been roaming around seeing lots and lots of bands and having heaps 'o fun in the meantime.  We visited Flagstaff again for our 5th Anniversary of meeting each other & it was freakin' cold!  We stayed at The Hotel Monte Vista (known as The Monty Vee to the locals) and as we were walking down the hallway to our room, we passed by some rooms named after stars that have stayed there.  We passed by John Wayne and Debbie Reynolds, etcetera.  When we got to our room it had the plaque "Freddy Mercury"!  It seemed a little out of place with the other names, but it was fabulously decorated with purple walls, a purple velvet bedspread, a guitar & a poster of Queen.  Who woulda thunk it? we were staying in The Freddy Mercury Room!  We did some shopping at the quaint stores in the area & visited Gopher Sounds' new location where The Alley used to be.  As always, we dined at The Beaver Street Brewery and it was fantastic. 

On April 5th, I went to The Jet/Vines show at City Limits.  This would be the second time I got to see Jet & it was a commanding performance now that I knew all the songs.  Jenna & I decided to skip The Vines since neither one of us had any interest in them, and the crowd was a little intimidating because it seemed as though all the supermodels in town decided this was thee night to congregate in one spot.  Anyhoo, two nights later at Plush, I was very blown away by The Starlight Mints.  Deathray Davies and Dressy Bessy opened up the show & I was very pleased with both of them, but I had listened to The Starlight Mints' CD at work and honestly was not impressed.  The live show was super spectacular and cancellled my plans to leave early to get some sleep.  I couldn't tear myself away.  It was truly an artistic presentation, blending visuals with music in such an esoteric environment that I have seen the light and have been converted.

The Wildhearts were scheduled to play Club Congress on April 6th but cancelled that date in order to hook up with The Darkness' Tour, ergo they were playing in Phoenix & not Tucson.   Well, fuck The Wildhearts are from London and we love their records, they've never toured America and we were dying to see them.  The tickets were sold out for the Phoenix show, but I had connections through the record store I work for and at the last minute, we got hooked up with 2 tickets to the show.  It was on a Thursday night & we had to leave after I got home from work.  By the time we drove the 2 hours to get there, found a place to park & walked from our parking spot, The Wildhearts were already playing & we still had to stand in a line for security and get searched!  We got to see them play 3 songs, but I gotta tell you it was so worth it and if you've listened to their CD's you know what I mean.  They've realeased a CD in America on Gearhead Records called "Riff After Riff" and you should give it a listen if you like hard rock pop.  Obviously The Backyard Babies are extremely influenced by this band. 

Then The Riverboat Gamblers played that following Sunday at Club Congress with The Knockout Pills opening and it was rock 'n roll all night.  I don't know how else to talk up The Gamblers, but you really need to see them if you can.  Their record "Something To Crow About" on Gearhead Records was my number one record for 2003, think what it would be like to snort a half gram of meth & drink 5 cups of coffee then sing in front of the most amazing guitar band ever. 

Switching gears a little, soul music has been becoming more & more a part of our listening experience.  It all started for me, with The Jackie Brown soundtrack which had Bill Withers' "Who Is He and What Is He To You?"  on it.  For Mr. Bombshelter, I think it was "The Little Box of Soul" which is a really cool box set put out by Rhino Records, that amazing label that rescues forgotten music from the killing floor.  So, my mind was open to a new band called The Soul of John Black, which was formed by former Fishbone guitarist, John Bigham.  I loved Fishbone in the 80's and got to see them at a Spring Fling on The Temple University Campus in Philadelphia when I was attending that college.  They played at Plush on a Saturday night in April & THEY WERE AMAZING!  I cannot wait until they come back.  You want some deep down soul, do not miss them on their next tour.  We wound up talking to them after the show & they were extremely nice & down-to-earth.  CT, the bass player, is super cool. 

(Stay tuned, I'm still trying to catch up.  It's really hard trying to tell you everything!)


What's New 3/4/04

I know it's been eons since I've updated but that's the way it goes when you're a geminii!  I'm making this brief since I'm still pretty busy right now with stuff.  I had a 10 day vacation when my best friend Jackie came from Philly to visit.  We went to Bisbee and bought some Killer Bee Honey and went up Mt. Lemmon and had pie.  Colleen came down from Las Vegas and we went to the Desert Museum stopping at The Meet Rack afterwards for some beers and having quite an interesting experience there.  Much fun was had at The Shelter, The Bambi, Kon Tiki and, of course, The Vaudeville.  Jackie's last night with us was spent at the X show, Saturday, Februray 21st, at the Rialto with the original line-up .  It was awesome this time since I wasn't extremely sick like I was when we saw them at The Cajun House in Phoenix over a year ago.  The only problem was the stupid slam dancers that I had to fend off for half the show.  It's quite distracting when you have to constantly watch out for some idiot white dude that may be slamming into you at any given moment.  

The Hangmen & The Supersuckers played Plush, Monday, February 23rd and it was a very fun show.  The Hangmen were really excellent, I had to get my picture taken with Brian the lead singer.  Plush has what I call "The Royal Box" now which is a little area of 4 seats at the corner of the bar that is walled in behind with a doorway to get in.  Us and our friends managed to secure this area and it was a fun night with everybody out for a good time.

The following night at Plush The Voodoo Organist opened up for The Everyothers.  The Voodoo Organist wasn't feeling very well so he did a short set, but he was feeling a little better the next day and played at Zia's on Oracle.  The Everyothers are from New York City and even though they hate this reference, I think they sound like The Strokes but way better.  They were really nice to talk to and we got stickers and buttons from them.  

Wiggin' Out with The Bombshelters is moving next week to a new time slot.  Starting March 11th we will be on Thursdays live from 9pm to 10pm on Cox channel 73.  So check us out!  Hope some of you got to see Kelly Hoagan, Neko Case and Cathy Rivers Tuesday, March 2nd at Solar Culture.  I had to work but I heard it was good.  Kelly and Neko are the definitive alt-country divas.  Last night we popped into a crowded Plush to hear some of The Patsy Cline tribute.  Nice job by some of our local babes. 

We are blessed in March with bands on their way to SXSW so check out Dead Meadow at Club Congress this Friday, March 5th and The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs at Club Congress Tuesday, March 9th.  The Catheters will be playing Skrappy's Wednesday, March 24th.  We saw them at The Las Vegas Shakedown in 2000 and they rocked out! See you at the shows! Love, The Bombshelters

What's New 11/25/03

Finally, some spare time to update this page!  Jesse Malin at Nita's Hideaway back in August was SO UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!  I've been listening to his new CD "The Fine Art of Self Destruction" and knew every word of every song yet I didn't know what to expect since it was just him and his acoustic guitar.  I couldn't even look at him for the first couple of songs, but finally I was able to look him straight in the eye and when I did I completely melted into a puddle of water.  There wasn't very many people there, so I was standing practically next to him and I tried to capture that look on film as he sang his heart out, but you really just had to be there.  Subsequently, we were buying swag after the show when Jesse came over to the merch table.  I told him I knew it was a terrible fan-thing to do, but then asked if I could have my picture with him.  He obliged and Don snapped the shot.  I gave Jesse a hug and he kissed me on my cheek.  I was on cloud 9 for like 3 days!  Enough of my gushing, you should buy his record and hear for yourself.  

San Francisco is a beautiful city.  Art Car Fest had the fun meter pegged and we made many new friends there.  We stayed in Berkeley which resulted in crossing The Bay Bridge everyday and being treated to the wonderful view.  I shopped my butt off on Haight Street and came away with a gorgeous dress from Manifesto located on Hayes and Octavia Sts.  We went bar-hopping around 16th and Valencia one night and saw Jet open up for The Kings of Leon the next night at Slim's.  Of course we had to visit some tiki bars so we went to The Tonga Room after shopping and caught the "tropical rainstorm" while drinking cocktails.  Then we went to Trader Vic's on a Monday afternoon and wrote postcards and ate oysters.  Words cannot describe how cool and fun San Francisco was.  I will be building my San Fran page at virtualtourist.com, so check that out as well.  

When I got back, I checked out The Brian Jonestown Massacre at Club Congress; awesome show as usual.  They have a new CD out too and it's worth picking up.  Then that weekend The Bell Rays played at Plush and rocked the house.  The power even went out a couple of times.  We bought their new CD that is only available in Europe right now and at their shows, it does not disappoint.  

The Jet City Fix are a band from Tacoma, WA.  A promo copy of their CD was at work, so I checked it out and really dug it despite the 2 or 3 radio friendly songs on it.  My boss was gracious enough to give me the CD after playing it a lot in the store.  Don found out they would be playing here in Tucson, supposedly at Vaudeville, but then the venue got changed to Centro Digna at the last minute.  We got the address and after driving around the block several times, we found it in a storefront.  Probably one of the strangest places I've seen a band.  There were hardly any people there when we arrived and we wound up taking a few of the Jet City Fix to the liquor store so we could get beer and they could get whiskey.  I wasn't expecting much because of the radio friendly songs, but damn if they didn't rock our asses off!  We made friends with them and they even came to visit me at Zia's the next day (Halloween).  My boss took a photo of us together which looks kinda funny since I'm dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood.  They are really nice guys and you should get their CD too.  

Halloween found us at Nightmare on Congress Street and we saw Cathy Rivers, Texas Trash, and The Asylum Street Spankers.  A very fun night that had to be cut short because I had to be in work the next morning at 8:30!

Wiggin' Out with The Bombshelters is going really well and we already have a few fans.  Singapore Sling played at Plush not too long ago and one of our fan's actually saw us play their video and came out to the show because of it.  That was neat.  I once again accidentally discovered Singapore Sling at work because there was a flyer from Plush for them comparing them to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (whom we have not seen yet!).  They are from Iceland and very mysterious.  We bought their CD at the show and it is great.  Check it out! 

November 15th, eight girls spent the night bar-hopping in Tombstone.  Me, Jenna, Juliet, Cathy, Kelly, Kim, Juliette and Kathleen whooped it up for Cathy's birthday resulting in one very drunken karaoke, getting kicked out of The Silver Nugget and making many friends at Legends of The West.  At the end of the night Cathy and Kelly decided it was a good idea to dive into the bushes at The Larian Motel even though we were staying at The Tombstone Motel.  The next morning at breakfast, all we did was fill each other in on what happened the night before since we were a little foggy.  Happy Birthday Cathy!

This past Friday I went to see Living Color with Eleanor at City Limits.  Again, I wasn't expecting much since I haven't really listened to them since the 80's, but they were GROOVIN' and my booty was shakin' all night.  We got to meet Corey Glover and Vernon Reid twice and I seemed to misplace the poster Mark gave me to have signed.  Oops!

Rather than put all the photos on this page, click on the photo gallery link to see what I'm talking about.  Hope y'all have a rockin' holiday season! 
 - The Bombshelters

What's New 08-09-03

Saw The Chicken Hawks while in L.A. for Rocko's Birthday at The Knitting Factory.  They were so good, Betsy sure can rock out even though she's pregnant!  It was an early show, so afterwards we headed over to the bowling alley at Hollywood & Highland.  We had to pass Grommann's Chinese Theater on the way, so we were walking on the "walk of stars" when I stepped on a piece of paper & fell right on my ass while wearing a micro-mini skirt & knee-high, platform boots!  There were so many people I actually heard the crowd go, "ooooohhh" when I fell.  But, I fell very gracefully crossing my legs as I went down.  Anyway, the bowling alley was the fanciest one I've ever seen with projected artwork over the lanes, plush sofas all around, a beautiful bar & amazing food.  Imagine having vegetable pillows & cheesecake at a bowling alley!  They had a really nice pool table too.  There was a 3-hour wait for a lane, so we just ate & Rocko & Starskee played pool.  

Rocko & Starskee had some bongos at their house, so Don is officially a bongo player.  He actually has his own set now & is getting quite good.


Iris flew in from Seattle on Sunday so all of us went to see a one-woman play at The Court Theater.  Starskee was assistant stage manager & had a few lines.  Afterward, we all went to Trader Vic's in Bevery Hills.  It was so cool & we proceeded to drink many cocktails during dinner.                      




Back in Tucson, we saw Nancy Sinatra at City Limits on July 17th.  I got the idea in L.A. to dress like her for the show since I had these fabulous white go-go boots that I found in a thrift store in New Mexico.  They look just like her boots on some of her records.  Anyway, she was so amazing & looked really good.  Her band consisted of amazing musicians and her drummer was Clem Burke from Blondie!  She sang a song for her dad as pictures of them flashed on the tv screens & ended with "Boots" before coming out for 2 encores.  During the show, I got the idea to have Nancy autograph my boot.  So afterwards, I borrowed a sharpee from Mark, who was photographing the show.  Nancy wasn't seeing anybody, so I took my boot off & handed it to her manager with the sharpee.  He asked me my name & 10 minutes later he came back with my boot signed "Hi, Diane.  Love, Nancy Sinatra"!  I was so excited and I wore my boots to show off at Traci & Daphne's Birthday party that weekend.  

Since our Sundays are free now, we decided to check out Ernie's Hawaiian Show at The Ye Olde Lantern Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge.  Let me just say it was really, really cheesey.  It was also overpriced, but now we know what it's all about.  Ernie could sing traditional Hawaiian songs well, but we could've done without  "My Way" and "I Write the Songs" and the really bad jokes.  The hula dancers were definitely worth seeing though.  My advice if you're curious is to get a booth & only order the salad bar.

Last week, I finally got to see Whiskey Bitch at Vaudeville on the 31st.  Don was sick, so I went myself.  They rocked out so hard.  I danced my ass off for every song.  They are my new favorite band in Tucson!  Go see them if you get a chance and you like big, loud fun rock.  

We made a trip to Phoenix last weekend so Don could get his hair cut & to visit with Monica & Michael.  Had much fun swimming in their new pool.  We stopped at Hilo Hattie's Hawaiian Store in The Arizona Mills on the way back to Tucson & went nuts.  It is an Hawaiian Mega Store!  They had everything, so we bought a shirt, a dress, a tiki decanter and an uni-uni, which is like a maracca but turned upside down with red & yellow feathers on top.  The hula dancers at Ernie's Hawaiian Show had them & since I'm dressing up like a hula girl for The Berkeley Parade when we go to ArtCar Fest in San Francisco, I had to have one too.  

This weekend we're off to Bisbee again so I can get part of my hula costume from Kathleen.  Upcoming shows worth checking out are:

  • The Eels at Club Congress on Wednesday, August 13th

  • Dead Meadow & Sonic Youth at The El Rey in Los Angeles on Sunday, August 17th

  • Jesse Malin at Nita's Hidaway in Phoenix, August 26th

  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club & The Warlocks at Nita's Hideaway in Phoenix, Monday, September 8th

  • Greaseball, Friday, September 19th at Hotel Congress

  • Turbonegro at The Mason Jar in Phoenix, Wednesday, October 1st

  • Bellrays at Plush, Friday, October 3rd

  • Holly Golightly at Solar Culture here in Tucson, Saturday, October 4th

  • I will be emceeing Fray Day again, Sunday, October 5th

Phew, hope to see you at some of these shows!  Don't forget the premier of Wiggin' Out with The Bombshelters on Tucson Public Access channel 73, Wednesday, September 10th at 9:30pm!-Bombshelter

Whats New 7 6 03

We never made it to My Morning Jacket show in Phoenix, but The Riverboat Gamblers at Congress was great and their new CD on Gearhead Records is even better than their first one!  As usual we got to talk to them after the show & they were so nice. We also bought one of their cool posters they have at the merch table & they were kind enough to sign it for us.  We made it to The Datsuns at Skrappy's as well, this time I was much less annoyed with the lead singer and I couldn't help but rock out to them.  I guess people don't get very large in New Zealand, because those guys were smaller than me combined!

We found ourselves in Bisbee for Jenna's Birthday weekend (6/7 - 6/8) & whooped it up with Buzz & The Soulsenders at St. Elmo's.  That Monday we went to the drive-in to see Finding Nemo while drinking champagne & eating cupcakes.  

The following weekend we visited the in-laws in Las Cruces and I took lots of photos while exploring the town.  I also got some cool photos of onions that have gone to seed.  They looked very alien to me as I have never seen them before.


We celebrated the 4th by going over Tracy's for beer & brats, which was much fun after working all day.  This coming weekend we're off to L.A. to visit Rocko for her birthday and will be seeing The Chicken Hawks at The Knitting Factory and/or The Garage (July 12th & 13th respectively).  Then Nancy Sinatra will be playing here in Tucson Thursday, July 17th at City Limits.  We're hoping that there's a slight chance Lee Hazelwood makes a surprise appearance.  

Traci Morris' birthday is July 19th and we'll be barbequeing a cake at her house as well as consuming large quantities of alcohol.  August looks like it'll be mellow which is a good thing so we can save up some bread for our big trip to San Francisco in September for ArtCar Fest with Kathleen's new creation POP ICON. - Bombshelter

Whats New 05 25 03

Texas/Shady Dell photos !

Howdy folks!  Sorry I haven't updated in a while.  Since March we've been to see The 440's at Club Congress with Evil Beaver and Duane Peters and The Hunns.  That was a ROCKIN' show!  The 440's sounded really good & we agitated some gravel until we couldn't dance no more.  Then we saw The Bellrays once again at Club Congress, yet another smash-up show.  Went out to dinner the next night with a bunch of friends at Pastiche.  In April we kept busy by taking some Access Tucson classes as we are planning to produce our own public access television show.  But it wasn't all work and no play that month.  We ran off to Texas to visit friends in Austin and Houston over the weekend of April 10th through the 14th.  We actually had a relaxing vacation & didn't go out to see one band while we were there!  

One of the benefits of working at Zia's paid off because I got some comp tickets to see Lewis Black at the U of A on April 26th.  He was really great, you should check him out on The Daily Show with John Stewart on Comedy Central.   The beginning of May was mellow with a trip up to Tempe for another opening at The Rezurrection Gallery.  Once again we had so much fun, this time hanging out with Denise & Rich and getting to know Darci & Damian a little better.  Then we ran off to Bisbee for our 2nd Anniversary to stay one last time at Shady Dell in the biggest trailer they have, The Royal Mansion.  Of course we had a blast making cocktails and dancing to records in the leopard-skinned "living room".  Then we went to a barbeque at Bobby and Ann's house with Brad, Kelly and Jason.  We played bocci ball and had a great time.  This despite the few mishaps we had. 

Rocko is visiting from L.A. this past Friday, so after happy hour at Vaudeville, we all went out to dinner at La Parilla Suiza led by Iris.  Afterwards, going downtown for The Radio Limbo benefit party at Vaudeville Cabaret and dancing to The Okmoniks.  Just couldn't make it for Al Perry though because we've been going since 5:30pm, so Don & I bailed before he played.  This is my birthday weekend, so I started off with a bang.

Tonight Rocko & Starskee are having a bowling party at the lanes on Speedway.  Tuesday we're going to my favorite restaurant, Barrio Grill for my actual birthday.  We plan on going to The 440's this Wednesday, the 28th at 7 Black Cats.  Saturday, the 31st, My Morning Jacket are playing with The Burning Brides at The Bash on Ash in Tempe.  And you absolutely cannot miss one of my favorite bands,  The Riverboat Gamblers at Club Congress, Sunday, June 1st.  They put on an amazing, energized show.  Tucson's Knockout Pills will be opening.  And don't forget The Datsuns from New Zealand will be playing at Skrappy's June 3rd.  If you like The Hellacopters, you'll love them.

Jenna's Birthday is coming up on June 9th so we plan to have some sort of celebration for that as well, maybe involving a trip to The De Anza drive-in movie theater.  Then we'll probably do the obligatory visit of the parental units in Las Cruces, NM mid-June.  So there you have it, don't forget to check out the photos & hope to see you at the shows!

Whats New 3 25 03

Ok, It's been a whole month & what have we accomplished?  We had dinner with some friends a few times, Don got his haircut in Phoenix, saw Petty Booka at Plush, only saw an half-hour of Brian Jonestown Massacre, Rodeo Queen whooped it up at Vaudeville Cabaret, The Lords of Altamont cancelled, and we skipped John Doe at Congress due to a bad cold. 

I saw the ad for Petty Booka in the Tucson Weekly when I was at Zia's and couldn't remember where I had heard that name before.  Then I thought I remembered them being on my list of CD's to buy, but since I could never find any, they  fell off the list.  After I got home from work and asked Don, he reminded me they were on a couple of  Japan Night SXSW samplers.  Oh yeah, those Japanese girls that do Hawaiian music!  I played a couple of their songs on The Swizzle Stick a few years ago.  Well I met Don at Plush that Monday night after work.  The girls were already there wearing their fuchsia grass skirts with ukuleles and black converse high-tops.  Accompanying them was a guitar player, an upright bass player and a slack-key guitar player.  In between their 2 sets, we scored some schwag and chatted with the girls.  It also turns out that Don knew Ed, the bass player, from when he used to be in The Rhythm Pigs in El Paso.  Petty Booka are soooo cute, especially when they're playing "Ukulele Lady" and "Do You Wanna Dance?".  A rare moment in Tucson.

Don getting his haircut is not as mundane as it sounds.  We met Monica at her salon in Tempe after mega-shopping at Go-Kat-Go in Glendale.  While Don was getting his coif clipped, I picked up some cool clothes at Buffalo Exchange.  Popped into Eastside Records afterwards and then picked up some beer on the way to check-in to our motel.  We decided that we were going to try the oyster house down the street from the salon for dinner instead of our usual Four Peaks Brewery.  So glad we did, the oysters were amazing and dinner was deelish.  Rezurrection Gallery was having a funky lamp art opening, so we walked over after dinner.  I wanted to check on my Kitschy Koasters as well to see how many had sold.  It was fun hanging out with all the wierd furniture and I ended up buying a cheetah skin vintage clutch that is so fabulous.  Monica was telling us about some clients she had given Mohawk haircuts to that owned a bar called "The Library" where the waitresses are dressed as slutty librarians, so we headed to Mill Ave. after the opening to check it out.  The place was huge and there were lots of shelves with books everywhere.   We watched on the closed-circuit TV as one of the patrons had just turned 21 and was dancing on the bar with 2 of the "librarians".  After that, we hopped to another bar called Stray Cats and danced all night to a live funk band.  Good thing we got a motel room!

At The Rezurrection Gallery in Tempe:

On Tuesday, March 11th, The Brian Jonestown Massacre were to play Club Congress.  They are one of my favorite bands of all time and I was really looking forward to this.  Kathleen & Colleena met us there and we waited, and waited, and waited.  Unfortunately, BJM didn't get there until 12:30am and we only got to see a very hurried half-hour set.  We talked to Anton after the show and it turns out their van had some major problems and they were pretty stressed out.  Because I know their music, I was still able to enjoy the show, but I asked them to come back and they said they will probably play here again in July.  I hope so.   

Saturday, the 15th was a lot more relaxed and fun.  Al Perry and Rodeo Queen opened up for Topless Opry at Vaudeville Cabaret.  Al did a short acoustic set, a sort of tribute to Merle Haggard (Merle was playing Tucson soon), which was a lot of fun.  Rodeo Queen played shortly after.  I haven't seen them for a long time and being a relatively new band, they have definitely improved since I've seen them last.  They're debut CD is available at their shows and you should definitely pick one up.  Don't miss them this Wednesday, March 26th at Plush.  Cathy Rivers is having a CD release party for her new record.  Rodeo Queen and Teddy Morgan will be opening.  I'd be there for sure for this stellar night of local alt-country if I didn't have to work inventory at Zia's.  Mr. Bombshelter will be going though!

I was getting sick that weekend, so when The Lords of Altamont mysteriously cancelled their March 17th show, I was very disappointed but needed the rest.  I was hoping to feel better for John Doe at Congress on the 19th, but this was a really bad cold and I just wasn't feeling like going out.  I did hear from Jenna that John was great and she also scored some big hugs from him by way of introduction through Michael Hyatt.

UPCOMING FUN TO BE HAD:  Duane Peter and The Hunns (Corey Parks from Nashville Pussy), Evil Beaver (2 rockin' gals from Chicago) and The 440's at Club Congress Friday, March 28th.  If you love rock-n-roll, you will not miss this show.  And you definitely should not miss The Bellrays at Club Congress, Friday, April 4th.  Punk rock-n-soul to make you move!  We're also going to Austin in mid-April to visit George and Vicki and to Houston to visit Lori.  Have fun and hope to see you at the shows!  -The Bombshelters

What's New 2/2/03

Happy New Year!  Sorry it's been so long since we last posted what's new, but I got a job working at Zia Records starting Thanksgiving and worked my butt off during the Christmas shopping frenzy.  Customer:  "Do you know that song that has these words in it..."you're the one"?"  Me:  "Do you know the artist?"  Customer:  "No"  Me:  "Do you know the name of the song or the album?"  Customer:  "No"  Me:  "Then how am I supposed to fucking help you find the CD??!!!!"  Well, I didn't really say that last part, but I wanted to!  We did manage to see The SuperBees at Vaudeville with The Trash Brats on December 8th and it was a really good show.  Too bad there was hardly anybody there.  They were much more impressive this time than when they opened for The Hellacopters in L.A.   It seems as though playing to a small crowd in Tucson had a humbling affect. We picked up their new record, "High Volume", and it's fucking excellent!  I don't know how else to describe it other than big, loud fun rock.  It didn't leave the CD player for quite sometime.

We also went to The Donnas' first show in Tucson at The Rialto last Tuesday.  I've been complaining for years that they never come to Tucson because I was getting tired of having to drive to Phoenix to see them, so I finally got my wish and they were awesome.  Of course the sound in The Rialto sucks as everybody knows, but the energy of the guitar player and the drummer is irresistible.  They definitely have matured and the new record is their best so far.  I have one complaint about Tucson though, WHY DOESN'T ANYBODY FUCKING DANCE?????  How did the kids in this lazy town become so pretentious that they can't even let loose at a freakin' rock show and dance?  Doesn't anybody remember FUN?!  Ok, I've got it out, I'll let it go.  I went up to the balcony for the last half of the show & it did sound a little better there.  At least I didn't get dirty looks when I danced in my seat.

This past Friday, we went to The Chicago Bar to see Buzz & The Soulsenders from Bisbee.  If you like dancing, they are a must and we did until 1am.  That's what we did on New Year's too down in Bisbee after seeing the parade and partying in our trailer at Shady Dell.  We stayed in The Manor (my least favorite) and made friends with our crazy trailer-neighbors from Scottsdale.  They gave us tamales, which I was craving, in exchange for some cookies then we went over Kelly & Brad's for a game of croquette with Queen Juliet.  

So up and coming fun is to be had with The Voodoo Organist at Vaudeville Friday, February 7th.  We saw him last time and he puts on a great show.  It's not often you get to see someone play the theramin along with cheesy organ.  Speaking of the organ, The Lords of Altamont are playing 7 Black Cats on March 17th, so keep your eyes and ears out for that because it's gonna be a freakin' awesome show.  Tucson is blessed in March because a lot of good bands stop here on their way to South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, TX.  We're looking forward to it!

 - The Bombshelters

what's new 11/22/02

In case you were wondering, we are back from the east coast.  Been back since the 5th and unfortunately, I caught a really bad cold after taking a jaunt down to Bisbee the Saturday after.  It put me down for a week and I got absolutely nothing accomplished.  We did drag my sorry ass to the X show at The Cajun House in Phoenix and I'm glad we did.  Exene looked like she was having so much fun and who woulda thought that we would ever get to see Billy Zoom?  What's next, an Avengers reunion?  Whatever. 

Sometime soon I will be putting up some sort of diary of our east coast trip.  We ran into many strange characters while in the city that seemed to be drawn to us like the proverbial moth to a flame.  This made us rich with many stories to tell as we were cavorting between D.C. and NYC for a full two weeks.  We saw the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and The Datsun's in Philadelphia, went to Handsome Dick Manitoba's namesake bar in New York City and even visited Harris Glenn Milstead's (better known as "Divine") grave in Towson, MD. 

On the home front, The Donnas are playing in Phoenix at Nita's Hideaway, Tuesday, the 26th. We'll be dj'ing a party in Bisbee Dec. 7th and Wasted Aces and The Superbees will be at Vaudeville, Sunday, Dec. 8th.  So come back soon to read about how The Bombshelters explored the BIG CITY.

What's New 10/14/02

This week finds me involved with the Museum of Contemporary Art.  For one day only, Tucson's best photographers will be offering black and white portrait sittings at greatly reduced rates to benefit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).  Let your imagination run wild!  Bring the kids, pets or even props to make your portrait unique.  Hair and makeup stylists will be available prior to sittings (advance notice required - please call for details). 

$75 for Museum members, $100 for non-members.  Prices include sitting and one 5x7" or 8x10" print.  Non-member fee includes one annual membership to MOCA.

Sunday, October 20, 2002
HazMat Gallery, 197 E. Toole Avenue, Tucson
Downtown in the heart of the warehouse arts district
For reservations and additional information,
please call 624-5019 or visit MOCA's website at www.moca-tucson.org

Other stuff we're doing:

Ron and Traci's wedding Friday, October 18th
Calexico playing outside of Hotel Congress same night

Look-out D.C.-Philly-NYC, The Bombshelters invade the East Coast! 

X playing in Phoenix at The Cajun House Tuesday, November 12th - Original line-up!  We already have our tickets!

What's New 9/24/02

Holy shit! We survived 3 days of partying for Mr. Bombshelter's 40th B-day.  We warmed up Thursday night by going to Phoenix to see The Demons at Nita's Hideaway.  It was much better seeing them without the 300 pound mooner from Gearfest.   I've been playing their new CD ever since we got back from Austin and one of my favorites from it is "Sparkle", so I shouted it out and they were kind of surprised that I wanted to hear that one.  It is what would be considered a ballad for The Demons.  Anyway, they played it just for me; those Demons are such nice boys! 

Headed back to Tucson Friday, the 20th (his actual b-day) to prepare ourselves for a full night of rock-n-roll.  Started out at Vaudeville for happy hour, then over to Cafe Poca Cosa for dinner (the margaritas are the best).  7 Black Cats was the scene of the celebration with Rodeo Queen, The 440's and Al Perry.  All the bands were in top form and we danced all night long.  Cleverly, we booked a room at Hotel Congress so we didn't have to drive home, we just stumbled down the street and passed out in our room about 2am.  Meanwhile, Denise and Rich from Phoenix were staying at our house.  We arrived Saturday afternoon to find them drinking cocktails and they twisted our arms to join them.  Bye, bye Saturday afternoon and hello bed, I was passed out by 9:30pm with the stereo playing "Sparkle".   We'll probably have to cut it down to two nights when the 50th comes around.

As for upcoming fun, Eleanor and Ann's birthdays are coming up and they intend to milk it for 2 months.  Hot Rod Ron and Traci will be getting hitched on October 18th and The 440's will be on an east coast tour until October 22nd.   We'll probably be at the Yeah, Yeah Yeahs/John Spencer Blues Explosion show on October 2nd.  Hope you have a wonderful day!



What's New 9/8/02

This Saturday, I will be the emcee for the first Fray Day in Tucson. "Fray Day is an annual event brought to you by the storytelling website {fray} that takes place in cities all around the world on the same weekend....Fray Day 6 is being worked on by dozens of people in four countries".  The event entails first-person storytelling by featured performers, open mic, participatory art, live music by azsessions.com and more.  It starts at 8pm in the Hotel Congress Banquet Room, September 14th. 

If you happen to be in Bisbee on that date, check out Rodeo Queen playing at the Earwig Factory on Brewery Gulch right downtown.  Rodeo Queen is a local band that will get you hootin' & a-hollerin' with their slightly off-kilter brand of alt-country that includes smart lyrics and catchy hooks.  "Hey cowboy, you asshole" don't miss them!


What's New 08/26/02

The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs' last show at The Garage 8/16 was a blast.  American Heartbreak warmed up the crowd, but The Excessories really got things hot.  Then The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs just blew the roof off the joint.  We're sure gonna miss 'em.  This weekend finds us driving to Austin, TX to visit some very good friends, George & Vicki.  It just so happens to be the same weekend that the first Gearfest USA will be happening.  Gearfest was started in Stockholm, Sweden in 1998 by the editor of Gearhead Magazine (from America) and featured mostly Scandinavian bands.  It has expanded to Helsinki, Oslo and now Austin, TX and is held every 2 years.  Check out their website for info on the bands that'll be playing at the first ever US fest.  So here we go again with yet another weekend of living on rock-n-roll and are most looking forward to The Lords of Altamont as well as all the other bands we haven't yet seen to nourish our souls.


What's New 08/11/02

Bisbee was a blast as usual, and I have been transformed into a melmac junkie.  Friends and family will have fabulous new additions to their dinnerware this coming December!  I'm also thinking about acquiring an exquisite Snackster machine because those things are damn yumsters. (They're those plug-in irons that look like a waffle maker, but they have triangle shapes & you put bread in them).  Kitsch!

melmac.jpg (232017 bytes)        hipsters.jpg (238779 bytes)       snackster.jpg (275599 bytes)       st.jpg (176188 bytes)
Melmac                     Hipsters            Snacksters            St. Elmo's 100th

If you don't already know, The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs are kind of breaking up.  This Friday, 8/16 they will be playing their last show at The Garage in L.A.  There will be four other bands playing, but I only know that American Heartbreak and The Excessories are two of them.  The Cheetahs will be going on last.  So here we go on yet another road trip through the desert to la la land to go shake our bones.

On the home front, check out Rodeo Queen, Sunday, 8/18 at Vaudeville Cabaret.    Miss Daphne likes to play the saw and has the most twisted songwriting sung in a voice that's as sweet as honey right outta the hive.  They'll be warming up for Mr. Al Perry so mosey on down & get countrified.

Also coming up at Club Congress:


Hot Rod and Kustom Car Show ('64 and earlier)
Car show starts at 6pm, no reserved spots
Pinstripers, tattoo artists, vendors and live music by:
The Supersuckers
The 440s
The Last Call Brawlers
Al Foul
To order tickets, go to http://www.frontrowticketcenter.com

Ciao for now - Bombshelter

What's New 7/25/02

exene.jpg (272110 bytes) Hope you checked out The Original Sinners Show last Friday.  If not, you missed The 440's warming up the crowd with an ear-splitting show.  Exene and company hit the stage soon afterward performing songs from the new record.  Sadly, Exene's mic wasn't working at first but the band played a well improvised instrumental.  At last, we get to hear the voice everyone's been waiting for.  Solid harmony was contributed by Kim Chi who plays bass as well.  And yes, they played an X song, "Because I Do".   You must get the record if you are a fan, it's like having some fresh X to listen to.   Catch their show if you can and get some sexy Original Sinners panties while you're at it. 

Now if you're kicking yourself in the ass for missing The Original Sinners, kick it over to The 7 Black Cats Friday, August 2 for The Sintillators, The Riverboat Gamblers (Denton, TX) and headliners, The Catheters (Seattle).  Come out and shake yo' rock-n-roll bones!

If you still have some energy left, head down to Bisbee the following day to celebrate St. Elmo's 100th Anniversary.  Buzz and The Soul Senders will provide the grooves for the partay and there will be a Madam & Miners costume contest.  Stay at The Shady Dell Trailer park in a vintage trailer so that you can come to The Melmac Snackster Hipster Hair Show on Sunday night from 4-8pm at Kate Pearson's studio.  Check out some fine art on melmac plates, enjoy free music, free food, free art & free hair-dos.  It's all happening at 126 Naco Road next to Garden Cafe, Bisbee.  Look for the line up of Art Cars outside.  Be there or be square!


what's new 7/12/02

 Welcome to The Bombshelters' new and improved website and greetings from sizzling Tucson.  It's turning out to be one, long, hot summer and are we thirsty for some rock. I think we should consider ourselves lucky that we have The 440's who just got back from their East Coast tour on the fourth of July, and we are feverishly anticipating some soul-stirring shows.   Are you going to The Original Sinners show?  Exene Cervenka is the soul stirrer of this outfit.  Provocative talk is going around that suggests this will not be a disappointing performance.   We will be there at the Hotel Congress Banquet Room, Friday, July 19th to find out for ourselves.   

This weekend finds us in Bisbee staying at The Mansion in Shady Dell Trailer Park.  I am going to pick up my hand-made leather corset from Kelly at VaVoom!  The nighttime will most likely find us having a beer at St. Elmos by some point.  

Here is a list of some excellent shows we've been to recently:

The Hellacopters in L.A. March 30th, 2002   
Brian Jonestown Massacre, Club Congress, Tucson
The Fireballs of Freedom, Club Congress, Tucson
The Sadies, Club Congress, Tucson
The Toilet Boys, Nita's Hideaway, Phoenix
Motorhead, Rialto Theater, Tucson
The Riverboat Gamblers, Vaudeville Cabaret, Tucson
My Morning Jacket, Club Congress, Tucson
The Applicators, Vaudeville, Tucson


The 440's
The DeLudes
Lucy Chair
Al Perry
Rodeo Queen
Johnny Cash Tribute Night
Teddy Morgan
The Sintillators

- BombshelterX



It's Only Rawk, and it rules 

the hombre & Bombshelter 
officially hitched
19 May 2001

STockholm, fucking sweden !!

    Phew!!!!  What an amazing last 3 weeks.....getting married then running off to a far away land.  You can't possibly imagine what fun we had, but I'll try to convey our experiences as much as one can from their dining room table at 5 till midnight.  Stockholm, Sweden is home to many of our favorite rock bands and to be in the city where The Hellacopters live puts you in direct connection with the energy source.  Stockholm seems like a sleepy sort of city for music, but you have to scratch the surface with a pointy fingernail to uncover the subtle obscurity of the music "scene".  Timing is everything as with life and if you plan to make a trip to the city of islands, it's best to go when the music festivals are happening, mostly in the summer starting in June.  Unfortunately, planning a wedding at the same time hindered my intensive investigative procedures.  We just went after we got married, if we would've waited 1-2 weeks, some of our fave bands would've been playin' while we were there.  But, that doesn't mean we didn't have the best time of our lives!  We spent very big kroner in the record stores of course & came back to the states with many cd's you cannot get here.  Sound Pollution is definitely one of the best record stores in Stockholm (at least out of the ones we visited).  Freak Scene was second best.  Out of outrageous irony, we couldn't find any Flaming Sideburns in all the many record stores we robbed & pillaged.  Granted, they're from Finland, but it's not that far away from Sweden for chrissakes!  Apparently the Sideburns ARE on fire!  They're even backordered on Hepcat.  But, we did score the new Backyard Babies record which was just released April 30th only in UK, Japan & Scandanavia.  Plus a few 7 inches by them that I know I could never get in the states.  Some of the other scores were The Maggots, The Chronics, The Nomads, Riot On The Rocks Vol. 2, The Hives, The Royal Beat Conspiracy, Thee Ultra Bimboos, Spider Babies, The Peepshows, The Turpentines, etc.  Now that's a fistfull of rock-n-roll!  I also picked up some cool lounge music at Pet Sounds:  Serge Gainsbourg, Robert Mtichum & Bridgette Bardot.  As for clothing stores, Blue Fox is definitely the best for rock garb.  

    We hooked up with some locals that I met on the internet...Lars & Marie met us at Clampers in the basement of Snovit.  We got to see a band called Pain that broke up in the 70's & this was their reunion show.  They did covers of Ramones & Sex Pistols, plus original stuff.  Lars & Marie bought us their homemade CD & had the guys in the band autograph it for us.  The guitar player wound up speaking into my ear all night, but was quite entertaining.  It was frickin' cold there, but I seemed to be the only one wearing gloves, hat & scarf!  The next night we went to Alcazar where 4 bands were playing.  The Outsiders were very good.  They play surf music and I know it's been done over and over, but they were still very entertaining & I wish I brought my camera because they were dressed very "loungy".  After their set, I went to use the water closet.  When I came out, Nicke Hellacopter was standing by the bar talking to another Hellacopter.  Of course my jaw dropped to the ground & I thought he looks even better in person.  I tried to talk to him, but I choked.  I walked up and said, "Hej", then I ran away.  Don saved the day though by talking to him & explaining his wife's behaviour.  We wound up getting our photo taken with him.  The Swedes sure like their death metal & the next 2 bands were just that.  Couldn't stay for last band from Lithuania because way too tired from shopping all day.  We said bye to Lars & went back to our flat to passout!





We spent the rest of the weekend resting our tired feet & celebrating my birthday on an island in the outer archipelago.  After much needed rest, we came back to Stockholm for more smelling of the fun.  We met up with some more locals....Sussi & Thomas.  Sussi designed my wedding dress & it was great to meet the woman who made part of my dream come true.   Here we are at Kvarnens where I was told The Backyards hang out at.  We kept Sussi & Thomas out till 1 in the morning even though they had to work the next day.  But, payback time wasn't far away.  After spending Tuesday night recuperating, we went out again on Wednesday night, the night before our plane took off for The United States.  First they took us to Carmen's where they have cheap beer (27 SEK as compared to 45 SEK that we've been spending!).




So here we are at Carmen's.  Sussi & Thomas gave us some CD's from their collection, including Thomas' demo CD, Sir Realistic.  It turns out that it's a fantastic CD!  They also gave us A-Bombs, and Rachel Stamp, one of Sussi's favorites only available in the UK.  Also, a Swedish Sampler from a festival of Swedish music that happens in London every year.  Sussi used to live in London & misses it very much. 

We had more fun in the basement of Olsson's:

This is Eddie's Sock:

We caught the plane home the next morning after showing our passports fifty times!  It was a bumpy flight, which made it awfully easy for me to get drunk in Chicago.  Customs was a cinch & we had 5 hours to kill at the airport bar.  We passed out on the plane to Tucson.  I was very sad  to leave Stockholm.
































The Lords of Altamont at 7 Black Cats, February 3rd - 2001

Ahhhhh, yes.... it is only rock and it does indeed rule.   Fortunately we had the means to make an offering in our mission to bring freakin' rock to the desert!  We brought  The Lords of Altamont to Tucson last February 3rd & it was a transcendental experience for the lucky few who chose to attend.  Why on earth anybody would choose to pass up this chance to see an amazing band bordering on the the likes of The Fuzztones is beyond me.   This night of rawk started off with Tucson's own Tribulators....the infamous Fish Karma heads this unashamed, heavy-metal band and they are definitely worth a once-over twice.  You have to love Gordon's flying V guitars which remind me of my awkward years as a teen, trying to be cool by hanging around the local boys that played in a band.   Once I was warmed up a bit, Uber Alice hit the stage & of course got my motor running.  These girls are the epitomy of fun!  They never falter in their enthusiasm....I don't know how they do it....I wish I could be this excited everyday....maybe life wouldn't be so bad after all.  But anyway, they rocked as usual & had the joint ready for the delivery of the ROCK!  Ok, so now I've had a few (ahem) beers & I'm so ready for one of my favorite bands.  They just drove in from Vegas that night & hit the stage about 11:30 post meridian.  I've seen The Lords twice before in Vegas & L.A., but nothing prepared me for what I was about to experience.....they were so tight!!  They've come a long way baby & nobody's going to stop them.  Between former Bomboras Jake's eeery organ & Johnny's guitar, I was transfixed by the wall of sound that was coming at me.  What does "Biker Rock for a New Generation" mean?...if you don't know by now, then don't mess with it.  Their presence is enough to entertain you, but they go that extra mile & give you full-on rock and fuckin' roll.  As Jake says ......"HELP YOURSELF TO SOME...ROCK-N-ROLL!!"


The 4th Annual Desert Trash Blast
November 17th and 18th, Phoenix, AZ

How much rock-n-roll can a person handle?  Well, we  made it through another weekend with only minimal damage.  My ears were ringing a long time after this one.  I swore I would never wear ear plugs, but now I'll have to go back on that.  I still have plenty of years of going to shows left, so I don't want to miss anything because I damaged my drums before their time.   Back to the music....it never ceases to amaze me just how universal punk rock is.  The Killer Dolls from Buenos Aires, Argentina were very impressive & won us over with a Radio Birdman cover.   After their set, we made a bee-line for their merchandise table & inhaled their CD and stickers.   The Trash Brats.....those wacky guys from Detroit who like to dress in skimpy woman's clothes, were alot of fun to watch right up front because they are such a visual spectacle.   You gotta love it when the guitar player whips out his cock from under his slip dress.  The Peeps have fabulous hair and of course, Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones kicked ass as usual, ending with Terri stripping off her top.  

Saturday Uber Alice got things off to a rockin' start with a hot set that reminded me of L7.  It ended early though because Leslie busted up all her guitar strings.  They have so much fun on stage, cheering after every song, you can't help but get caught up in the excitement. This was the first time I got to see The Sonic Thrills & they started out highly energized, then they kind of fizzled out.  The Beat Angles liked to spill beer on everyone and were immediately radiating the "fuck everything" 'tude.  We had to split after 3 songs to go catch The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs at Hollywood Alley.  I danced my ass off & probably lost a few pounds after their set!  I can always count on them for that extra burst of adrenaline.

Thanks to Jeff Dahl for bringing rock to the desert.  He's an inspiration for our efforts to deliver the rock in Tucson.

Next show.....The Lords of Altamont in Tucson, Feb. 3rd,  brought to you by Bombshelter Productions!


The Supersuckers @ 7 Black Cats

Ah yes....the beast of rock-n-roll has once again reared it's ugly head in Tucson.  Which, by the way, rarely happens here!  But when former Santa Rita High schoolers descended upon their hometown last Thursday (10/26/00), the thunderous roar could be heard throughout the land.  Of course, I am speaking of The Supersuckers Show.   With fellow tourmates, The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs and The Amazing Crowns, nothing but FUN could be had by all.  The amps alone took up most of the the front of the stage, eclipsing the bands but delivering raw power!  The Cheetahs never let you down and are perfect to kick off an all-nighter of rock-n-roll.  Their new songs are just as energized as ever.  The Amazing Crowns keep the crowd going with their enthusiasm and humor and the upright bass player is smokin'!  But nobody delivered the rock as The Supersuckers did.  They blew the roof off this night & my ass danced all the way through it.  It's hard to believe that they came from Tucson, but it makes you proud to see your friends stick to their guns and make a name for themselves in this "alterna-pop 40" world.  At least some REAL RAWK came from Tucson and was able to break out of it's boundaries.  So if they come through your town, do what you can to catch this show & be prepared to receive the rock and have your faith renewed.    



Geez!  It's a coupla weeks after getting back from the Vegas Shakedown and it still blows my mind.  One show after another kept our asses rock'n throughout until the insane culmination at the Dictators, who turned the crowd into a multi-headed thrashin' beast with a single mind and a common soul driven by the rawk that was pourin' through us.  You could see every one was drained, satiated, and in some cases transformed and re-invigorated by the power that rawk can instill.  I thought, afterwards, that as much as I love country music, there is Nothing like thrashing guitars and a singer that radiates energy that makes you want to MOOVE!

So.  The Shakedown was fun.  Bands that we thought ruled included B-Movie Rats, Texas Terri & the Stiff Ones, Forty-Fives, Catheters, Dragons, and Lords of Altamount.  Every band we saw was great, and we heard of many more great sets (Missing the Weaklings was the worst part of the weekend).

Especial kudos to the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, who did another smokin' set, and helped out with my proposal to Ms. Bombshelter.  They are so damn good.  And embody the spirit of rock that was drivin' everyone that weekend.

And the Dictators left us spent but re-energized.  There can be NO doubt.  It's only RAWK!!! and it RULES!!!

Got MY Dancin' Shoes ON!
(to see Bombshelter & Hombre at The Shakedown click here)


Right On!   The Al Connection

Al Perry ~ The name strikes sarcasm in the hearts of men.  In my heart it strikes a connection to the cosmos.  I migrated to Tucson  from Philly about 5 years ago, and I ain't never going back goddamnit!  Philadelphia is a big-ass freakin' city.  Tucsonites are much friendlier and I gradually started to run into people, on a frequent enough basis, that knew each other from somewhere else.  It just didn't happen this much in Philly, as a matter of fact, hardly ever. 

I met Jeff who knew Al who knew Matt who knew Don.  Don introduced me to George & Vicki who knew Al too.  Don knew Hot Rod Ron and Traci, who I already knew and they know Al.  Al also knows Kidd Squidd and Michael Hyatt, who I already knew from before.  I know Tina who knew Al already and she introduced me to Stephen who knows Al.  I know Snappy who met Al through Paris.  Don introduced me to Jeb who knows Al.  Don knew Susan & Michael who I already know, and they know Al.  Don also introduced me to Monica who knows Al from way back.  And these are just the people I know who know Al!

What does this say about the man?  He must be one heck of a nice guy to have all these friends!!  But alas, Al has left his hometown to expand his horizons in San Francisco.  Maybe one day we'll all be connected to each other through Al Perry and the world will be a kinder, gentler place.  - Bombshelter